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Here are some questions we get asked the most:

What Is The Difference? Anti-Static, ESD, Conductive, Insulative?

How Do You Measure Resistivity?

Is Grounding Necessary?

What Is The Shelf Life Our Product?

How Can I Remove Masking?

Can You Screen Print On ESD Coated Sheets?

RoHS Letter

Prop 65 Letter



Demonstration Video on Measuring Resistivity

In the demonstration above, we use an ACL model 300B Static Meter and an ACL Model 385 Resistivity Meter.  We take both an uncoated piece of plastic and our ESD coated PC-300 and tribocharge it, building up static electricity.  The uncoated plastic has a charge build up of over 3,000 volts while the PC-300 has no build up at all, indicated by the meter never moving off zero.

Using the resistivity meter, the uncoated plastic has no resistivity reading indicating that it is insulative, while the PC-300 shows surface resistivity of  10^6 to 10^8 which our C-300 is 106- 108 ohms per square, which is the optimum range for ESD control.
See:  https://www.sctech.com/AP-02-Conductivity-Spectrum