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Technical Bulletin AG-01

AG-400™ Anti-Glare Coating

AG-400™ is a primer free, permanent anti-glare coating applied in-house to plastic substrates. This coating reduces reflected glare from light sources, thereby enabling a clearer view of the underlying printing, panel, or artwork. This allows the underlying display to be read quickly, comfortably, and clearly.

Anti-Glare deals with external sources of reflection off a surface – excessive glare impacts the readability of the image or information being displayed. AG-400™ uses diffusion mechanisms to break up the reflected light from the viewing surface to the observer. Diffusion works by reducing the coherence of the reflected image, thereby reducing the interference with viewing of the intended image contained in the display.

AG-400™ Anti-glare coated plastics can be used wherever surface glare is a concern. The application is a low temperature process, producing a tough crosslinked scratch resistant matrix. Ideal applications include instrument gauges, artwork, digital displays, and other transparent plastic surfaces where reflected glare is an issue.

The anti-glare sheet should be positioned as close as possible to the surface being viewed to obtain a clear image. An excessive air gap would reduce the clarity of the image proportional to the distance. ½ inch or less is recommended.

Coating Adhesion (ASTM D3359) - No coating removal in standard crosshatch tape pull adhesion testing. 
Gloss (ASTM D523) - 50 ± 5
Good Hardness and Abrasion Resistance - Substantial improvement in the abrasion resistance of the coated plastic’s surface. 
Transmittance (ASTM D1003) - 89 ± 2 

Cleaning Instructions
The AG-400™ Anti-glare coating is hydrophobic, soil and scratch resistant If the surface has been subjected to contaminating conditions, observe the following cleaning instructions to maintain the function and integrity of the coating: 

Clean with water, mild glass cleaners that do not leave a residue or a solution of mild dishwashing soap and water, rinsewith water after cleaning. Dry with a clean, soft microfiber cloth - Do not rub dry with coarse paper towels or soiled towels as this can scratch the surface and eventually wear off the coating. Do not use cleaning agents containing an abrasive.

Product Availability
AG-400TM Anti-glare coating can be applied to many clear & tinted plastics including acrylics, polycarbonate, PETG, PET, PVC, and polystyrene. It is applied on one side or it can be combined with SciCron Technologies’ C-300TM ESD coating or Mar-Con® 600 Abrasion Resistant Coating for a two-side coated product. Coating application drying conditions dictate anti-glare efficiency, maximum trimmed sheet size is 48”x118”. Smaller sizes are also available. AG-400TM Anti-glare coating can also be custom coated to customer supplied sheets, parts, and assemblies.

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