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Trim Fluid™

Static Dissipative Coating Liquid

Description and Uses
Trim Fluid™ is a general purpose, solvent based, static dissipative coating liquid which can be used on a variety of plastic substrate materials to make the surface of the plastic electro-conductive in the static dissipative range of surface resistivities. It is normally used as a touch-up coating on cut edges and machined surfaces of SciCron Technologies static dissipative sheet products. This touch-up coating prevents static charge build-up on these edges and surfaces and it provides electrical continuity across the cut or machined area. It can also provide continuity from front to back surfaces of a SciCron Technologies sheet product by forming an electro-conductive bridge across the edge of the sheet. Trim Fluid is also used on glue lines in items fabricated from SciCron Technologies sheets to provide electrical continuity across the glued joints.

Trim Fluid can be applied successfully in several ways. It is often applied with a small hobby paint brush, but it can also be applied with a small roller or hobby sprayer if the size of the job and the surface to be coated are appropriate for such techniques. It can be used full strength or diluted depending on the ambient conditions and the method of application. In warm, dry conditions (particularly in instances when the container stands open for a prolonged period) it can be diluted with one part of isopropyl alcohol to two parts of Trim Fluid. If a sprayer is used it can be further diluted (one to one, or more dilute if needed) depending on the type of sprayer and surface being sprayed. A thin coating is all that is necessary to provide the protection required. As a general rule, apply enough Trim Fluid to yield a very light blue-gray color on the surface. This will dry in a few minutes to form a slightly hazy blue-gray coating. If testing with a meter indicates that the coating is not conductive enough, the surface can be recoated with additional Trim Fluid.
Trim Fluid is a flammable liquid. Read the warning label on the container.
  • Keep away from heat and open flame.
  • Use with adequate ventilation.
  • Store in a dark, cool area. Keep container tightly closed.

Because Trim Fluid is a solvent (alcohol) based coating, it can relieve stresses induced in plastic sheet edges which have been exposed to procedures that excessively heat the plastic, such as flame polishing and laser cutting. This can cause crazing or cracking of the cut edges. To avoid this, plastic which has been exposed to stress-inducing procedures should be annealed to remove the stresses before coating.

Trim Fluid is designed to be used only as a touch-up coating on static dissipative plastic sheet products and not large areas. Other uses are not recommended.  Trim Fluid is an air dry, non-crosslinked coating.

Although Trim Fluid coating adheres well to non-contaminated plastic surfaces and resists removal with mild soap and water solutions, it can be removed with alcohol and other solvents. Consequently, care should be taken to avoid contact with such materials during cleaning to maintain the integrity of the coating.

Coverage varies widely depending on the nature of the surface being coated. Ideal coverage on very smooth, flat surfaces is approximately 5 square feet per ounce of Trim Fluid liquid.

Trim Fluid is packaged in one fluid ounce (25cc) polyethylene bottles. Other packaging is available by special request.

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