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Superior Coated Products

Effective Static and Contamination Control

SciCron Technologies applies advanced technology, clear, static dissipative and anti-static coatings to acrylic, polycarbonate, PVC, CPVC, and other plastic sheet products including multiwall polycarbonate. These products are used to prevent electrostatic discharge (ESD) damage to charge sensitive devices and to control contamination in ultra-clean environments. They are also used in many equipment and industrial applications for dust control and explosion prevention. The static control performance of these products is permanent and humidity independent.

Static Dissipative / Anti-Static Products

Coating Types

 C-300™ coated products have hard, durable, chemical, and abrasion resistant surfaces making them suitable for flat applications such as static dissipative glazing.

C-350™ (Bending Grade) coated products have slightly softer surfaces which are durable and chemical resistant and suitable for heat formed and bent configurations such as static dissipative machine covers.

SciCron Technologies also offers specialty film products with static control surfacing for many applications. Products include an adhesive-backed ESD control film that can be applied to glass or any other hard, smooth surface. Additional specialty films are available for OEM and other applications.

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Versatile Hard Coat Surface Protection

SciCron Technologies offers hard coated plastic sheet products that resist marring from handling, cleaning, and other moderate abuse, while offering improved splash and wipe down resistance to many chemicals and solvents which would normally damage the sheet surfaces. A variety of plastic sheet products, including acrylics, polycarbonate, PVC, and PETG are available with Mar-Con hard coated surfaces.

Coating Types 

Mar-Con® 600 coated products have hard, durable, chemical and abrasion resistant surfaces making them suitable for flat applications like glazing.

Mar-Con® 551 (Forming Grade) coated products have slightly softer surfaces which are durable, chemically resistant, and suitable for heat formed and bent configurations such as vehicle windshields.  

Mar-Con coatings can be applied to one or both sides of the plastic or they can be combined with an anti-static/static dissipative coating for a two-side Dual-Coat™ product.



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Additional Specialty Coatings

SciCron Technologies works continuously on developing new and relevant coatings for plastic applications.  We welcome the opportunity to work with you on challenges you face and special needs for your unique applications.  Please contact us for more information!

Coating Types 

AG-400™ is a durable, primer free, permanent anti-glare coating applied in-house to plastic substrates.  This coating reduces reflected glare from light sources, thereby enabling a clearer view of the underlying printing, panel, or artwork.  This allows the underlying display to be read quickly, comfortably, and clearly.  Anti-glare coated plastics can be used wherever surface glare is a concern.  It is suitable for touch screens, gauge covers, and is finger print resistant.  AG-400™ Polycarbonate is not designed for exposure to direct sun light and is not warranted for external applications.  AG-400™ maintains the same exceptional abrasion and chemical resistance as that of the Mar-Con® line of coatings.

AG-400™ can be applied to a variety of plastic sheets and fabricated parts.  Anti-Glare is typically applied to one side of a plastic sheet or it can be combined with a C-300™ ESD or Mar-Con® coating for a two-side Dual-Coat™ product.


Fluorescent Lights from Above-Reflection on Plastic:


  Without Anti-Glare Application                     With Anti-Glare Application


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Custom Coating Services

SciCron Technologies applies its proprietary high performance coatings to molded, formed, and fabricated plastic parts. Clear static dissipative/anti-static, mar-resistant, anti-fog, & anti-glare coatings are applied to customer-supplied parts in a Class 100 clean room manufacturing setting. Parts made from many plastic types in a wide range of sizes and configurations are coated using several different application techniques.

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