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Our Facility

We specialize in applying high quality, high performance coatings to plastics. We have particular expertise in coating large, clear sheet products, however we also coat fabricated and formed plastic parts, as well as a family of plastic film products.

SciCron Technologies has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Amarillo, Texas. It produces high performance coated plastic products designed for a very wide range of applications. The plant houses automated coating equipment capable of coating plastic sheets six feet by eight feet and more in size, with thicknesses ranging from a few mils to over two inches. The facility also houses custom coating equipment capable of applying coatings to a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Critical manufacturing steps are carried out in specially designed Class 100 (ISO Class 5) cleanrooms. ISO 9000 quality assurance protocols have been instituted in the Amarillo plant to assure consistent product quality and performance.

The Amarillo facility is designed and staffed to facilitate prompt and efficient response to customer requirements. It is equipped to fill non-standard orders quickly, while also carrying an inventory of standard items for customer convenience. In addition, the SciCron Technologies Customer Service Department is located on-site at the plant to provide close support for customers with order requirements.

Amarillo, close to the geographic center of the country, is a transportation hub with excellent highway connections. This facilitates rapid shipment to the entire country. An international airport simplifies shipment to offshore customers.

The Amarillo facility also houses laboratory facilities for day-to-day process control and for development of advanced coating formulations for new and improved products. The facility is also equipped with a coatings formulation and manufacturing department where all the coatings used on the coating lines are made. Uniquely equipped, this department prepares coatings under very tight production controls ensuring that the coating formulations are always made to specification.

The Amarillo plant staff is dedicated to solving customer challenges.