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About SciCron Technologies

We have specialized in applying high quality, high performance coatings to plastics for over 20 years. We have particular expertise in coating large, clear sheet products, however we also coat fabricated, molded, and formed plastic parts, as well as a family of plastic film products.

Leader in Static Control
Our clear static dissipative and anti-static sheet products are used by the semiconductor and electronics industries in ultra-clean environments for contamination and static charge control during the manufacture of charge sensitive devices. They also control static electricity in many other equipment and industrial applications. Our static control products are the recognized standard of the industry.

Hard Coat Surface Protection
We manufacture the highest quality abrasion & mar resistant and chemical resistant hard-coated plastics in a wide range of options. Mar resistant plastics are offered in standard grade and forming grade.  Substrates range from specialty thin films to large, very thick sheets.

Technical Expertise
SciCron Technologies is a company grounded in technology. We provide solutions to a wide variety of challenges, from prevention of electrostatic discharge damage (ESD) in semi-conductors to improving the abrasion resistance of various plastic substrates. We employ multiple proprietary technologies, including our proprietary coatings, all of which are developed and manufactured in-house. Our quality control begins with the first ingredient in each coating batch and continues through the coating, inspection, and packaging steps of our state-of-the-art manufacturing process.

Sales, Marketing and Technical Support
We provide extensive technical support to the purchasers and end users of our products, including local sales support from the most experienced field sales team in the industry. We sell our products domestically and internationally through a network of plastics wholesalers, whom we support with high quality products and technical training.

Quality Commitment
SciCron Technologies has a well-known reputation for quality products and customer service. We strive to meet customer challenges with the best solutions available, maintaining a policy of always standing behind our products. We are committed to continuous improvement in all aspects of our operations.