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Technical Bulletin AP-03

Static Decay Performance C-300™ and C-350™ Static Dissipative Surfaces

5,000 Volt Static Charge Decay
Static Dissipative Surfaced Plastics vs. General Use Plastics

Electrostatic Decay Analysis

Federal Test Standard 101C, Method 4046.1, as described in EIA-541, Appendix F, "Measurement of

Electrostatic Decay Properties of Dissipative Planar Materials"

Test Method

  1. Each test specimen is individually force charged to 5,000 volts ungrounded.
  2. Simultaneously, the applied voltage is shut off, the specimen grounded and a timing device started.
  3. The time for the specimen voltage to decay to technical 0 (less than 50 volts) is recorded.

Test Conditions
The test specimens are preconditioned for 48 hours at 23ºC± 3ºC and 12% ± 3% relative humidity.

AP-03-3 5/17

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